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Remaining T-Shirt print of ICFIIT

Here’s the last print of “I can fly if I try” made by incredibly sweet print on heather gray american attire. Precisely as I imagined it 🙂 Posted by Adhere-A-Thing_____S_____ A_____T on 2011-09-13 00:29:35 Tagged: , stickathing , art , design , vektor , t-shirt , print , silkscreen , gray , heathergrey , american , attire , SAT , city , chomba , plopp , yo , jabba , black , camisa , remeda , tee , figures , personagem , personajes , ilustracao , ilustracion , illustration , lovable , sweet , content ,...

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Armband Tattoo Tribal Styles – Why Is not the Armband Circle Shut?

Armband tattoo tribal types are incredibly initial. This type of structure blends distinctive cultures collectively. Armband tattoos typically make a fantastic tattoo. Depending on where you put it, you can effortlessly include it with a long sleeve or even short sleeve shirt. Strategies for an armband tattoo are bouquets, snakes or Celtic knots. Equally gentlemen and girls are obtaining armband tattoos. You may possibly uncover quite a few tattoos that do not go all the way all-around the arm. Some folks say this is a superstition. Most very likely the tattoo does not connect due to the fact it can be incredibly really hard to match up the sides as the tattoo goes all-around your arm. The arm changes posture as it moves and the skin stretches. To build an armband tattoo tribal, you want to incorporate some variety of tribal structure. Polynesians are well known for their armband tattoo tribal types. As in our recent military services, a tattoo all-around the arm signified your rank in your tribe. Tribal imagery can include things like dark daring intertwining strains. An armband tattoo can be modest like with a ring of bouquets or bigger as with a snake. The most effective way to uncover a fantastic armband tattoo tribal structure is to go on the web and browse via a tattoo gallery. Have endurance, acquiring the proper tattoo may possibly...

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Optically Brilliant – T-shirt Packaging

Video projection on fifteen pentaprism-shaped packing containers crammed with optically brigthened t-shirts. A project for “A person of Numerous” packaging training course at “Shenkar” college of design, Israel. Audio: “Gax” / Boys Noize Likes: fifteen Considered: 4224...

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new tee strategy

may try out to print these up prior to thursday’s gig! Posted by Willbryantplz on 2008-04-15 03:18:fifty nine Tagged: , merch , deejay , dj , screenprint , the hooded deer , willbryantplz , tee , style and design , feather ,...

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